08:30     Cannabis & Mental Illness:  The Good, The Bad and the App ~~ Dr. David Gratzer
                 - participants will better understand the current literature with regard to cannabis use and mental disorders
                 - participants will better understand ways of engaging patients about cannabis                  
                 - participants will learn the use of motivational interviewing techniques in day-to-day practice


09:00     Insomnia Management for Primary Care Providers ~~ Dr. Dora Zalai       


09:30    ADHD / ADD  ~~ Dr. Raj Rasasingham




10:45     Breast Cancer Survivorship:  A new Model for Family Physicians  ~~  Dr. Fahima Osman


11:15      To Screen or Not to Screen?  Screening Outside the Organized Programs ~~ Dr. Edward Kucharski
             - participants will be able to list the risks and benefits of cancer screening outside of organized programs
             - participants will appropriately counsel patients, select tests and follow-up on results when the evidence is
               not clear
             - participants will be provided with a list of resources that can help patients in making an informed decision
                about cancer screening




13:00     Thyroid Issues for the Family Physician ~~    Dr. Afshan Zahedi      
                 - discuss when to treat subclinical thyroid disease
                 - review approach to low TSH found on routine testing
                 - discuss the workup for thyroid nodule and role of family physician in management of thyroid cancer

13:30     Metabolic Syndrome ~~ Dr. Sean Wharton          




14:45     Medical Implications of Vaping in Teens ~~ Dr. Allen Greenwald
              - discuss the vaping products and components
              - discuss presentation and associated lung diseases
              - discuss assessment and management of vaping related lung disease

15:15     1st Year of Life – Update for the Family Physician ~~ Dr. Clare Hutchinson
             - review safe sleep environment for infants and how to prevent plagiocephaly in the era of back to sleep
             - describe appropriate infant nutrition in the first year of life including dietary interventions for colic, iron requirements in the
                first year of life and introduction of allergenic solids


15:45     Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussions in the Developing Brain ~~  Dr. James Carson
               - recognize how youth concussions differ from adult concussions
               - update a family physician’s concussion management skills
               - provide new concussion management resources for family physicians