08:30    Managing Early Pregnancy & Screening – What to do Before You Refer~~Dr. Lara Rosenberg

  • Clinical pearls for the family physician to help manage their pregnant patients in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and beyond

  • Updates on screening, guidelines and testing

09:00   Pearls of PCOS ~~ Dr. Marcie Turner

  • recognize the diagnostic criteria of PCOS

  • understand the ramifications of PCOS in terms of metabolic risk and endometrial health

  • review management options for PCOS       

09:30   Abnormal Uterine Bleed ~~Dr. Abheha Satkunaratnam    

  • highlight the impact of abnormal uterine bleeding

  • review efficient approach to diagnosing the causes of abnormal uterine bleeding

  • discuss medical, procedural and surgical strategies to help women affected by abnormal uterine bleeding




10:45   Goldilocks and the 3 Bears:  Too low, Too High, or Just Right?  Targets for Glycemic Control ~~ Dr. Catherine Yu

  • select and justify the most appropriate A1c target for your next patient with diabetes

  • identify 3 Diabetes Canada resources that can help you accomplish this

  • distinguish age from frailty, specific to is impact on glycemic targets


11:15   Pharmacotherapy for Type 2 Diabetes:  One Size Does Not Fit All ~~ Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe

  • describe the treatment approach for patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes

  • appreciate how to individualize the diabetes treatment regimen for your patient with type 2 diabetes

  • learn how to prescribe and adjust insulin for your patient with type 2 diabetes





12:45   A Practical Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome ~~ Dr. Colleen Parker

  • review how to make a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome and limit the use of investigations in making that diagnosis

  • discuss the use of pharmacologic and non pharmacologic therapies in the management of patients with irritable bowel syndrome


13:15   Abdominal Pain in Children – What to do and When to Refer ~~ Dr. Latifa Yeung

  • review the management of common causes of abdominal pain in children

  • examine key points in the 2019 management of functional pediatric abdominal pain

  • identify the criteria and options for consulting with Paediatric GI


13:45   Long-Term PPI Use:  Should We Be Concerned? ~~ Dr. Rupert Abdalian

  • review appropriate indications for short-term and long-term PPI use

  • review the literature on potential adverse events related to long-term PPI use

  • describe most appropriate PPI de-prescribing strategies




15:00   Safe Opioid Prescribing - Simplified ~~ Dr. Joel Bordman

  • review the highlights of the 2017 opioid guidelines

  • review the way to develop a treatment plan for “legacy” patients – patients currently on high dose opioid therapy   


15:30   Emerging Issues in Cannabis Management ~~ Dr. Lydia Hatcher

  • describe the endocannabinoid system and the mechanism of action of medical cannabis

  • discuss the evidence and controversies regarding the use of medical cannabis

  • evaluate and assess risks and benefits of cannabis use for medical purposes